The Sea Monkey Girl

A good buddy of mine just recently showcased his acting skills in a funny short about a guy buying his own make-it-yourself girlfriend. Knowing him personally, it’s safe to say he was typecast for this role.

Animation Production Class

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded anything and it’s partly due to me being busy moving back to Garmisch, Germany. Yeah!!! I finally completed the Animation Production class and video critiques — I’ve learned a lot this month.

Pair Blend

I must admit, I have a new-found love for rigging. The part I enjoy the most is the problem-solving but on the downside being highly technical. This month has been a very intensive month and I’ve learned a lot.

Rigging Dr. Bloopdool

This month I’m doing character rigging and I’ve got to say it’s been challenging. There have been a few free scripts that has made my life so much easier and I thought I’d share.

Merlin Box Project

My last project for this month’s school assignment was a Project called “Merlin Box” project. It’s basically a rigged box and ball. The ball has to portray as if it’s alive and thinking. As I was starting the Merlin project, I decided to come up with a game plan.